Wakhra Swag By Mafia Kitchen

Delving into the history of Indian cooking tradition, the chefs at Mafia Kitchen blend the flavors of the past with modern sensibilities to create "futuristic cuisine." Discover rare culinary delights, such as the centuries-old Murg Tikka, a recipe uncovered by our award-winning team. 

Wakhra Swag By Mafia Kitchen was conceived with a rather simple endeavour: the desire to bring to your doorstep the culinary legacy bequeathed to us by the Mughals. At Mafia Kitchen, We distinguish, and rather pride ourselves, on being able to put forward the Mughlai cuisine in its authentic & uncorrupted form; safeguarding the legacy by faithfully adhering to its age-old recipes and manner of cooking.

Our Menu has been tastefully curated and the food meticulously prepared, ensuring that every meal served to you accentuates the magic of Mughal cuisine that has been painstakingly passed on for generations in the food capital of India.

We Invite you to experience Wakhra Swag by Mafia Kitchen, where every meal is a celebration of Mughlai Food.


Lunch: 13:30 - 16:00
Dinner: 19:30 - 23:30