Architecture of Hotel P.K. Residency

Hotel P.K. Residency is a harmonious blend on rich Indian Heritage merged with the contemporary modern plush interiors. A lot of our travellers are intrigued with the sharp difference in monotony of the Facade, Exteriors & Interiors of the Hotel. 

The Exteriors of this Noida Hotel is inspired by the rich Rajasthani Heritage. There is meticulous & detailed hand made stone work on the outside. The artisans have put there experience passed on by generations in the exterior work of this Noida Hotel. There is special Dholpur stone work done with hand. Come & see the splendid architecture of our Noida Hotel. 

As soon as you walk inside this Noida Hotel, you will you have entered a designers boutique. With Egg Shaped Sofas to Rock & Rolla Posters, Interiors of this Noida Hotel really makes you feel energetic with positive aura all around. 

Come Visit us & Let us know what you think about the Architecture of this Noida Hotel.