Free High Speed Internet

P.K. Group of Hotels & Apartments understands the importance of the Internet in the modern lifestyle of today. With most of our guests, having more than 2 devices and the need to be connected with fast seamless Internet Connectivity, We at P.K. Group have taken the following steps:-

* Dedicated Leased Line Connection - All P.K. Group of Hotels & Apartments have dedicated Hi fiber line with speeds of 100 MBPS to offer our guests the express of seamless internet connectivity.

* ALTAI Routers - All P.K. Group of Hotels & Apartments have ALTAI Routers installed with modern state of art ALTAI Routers. There is an entire network of router installed around all our properties to offer our guests with a NEXT LEVEL Internet Experience.

* UPS Back Up - Any fluctuations, don't Interrupt the Internet connection, So all Video Conferences, Video Chatting, Online Meetings can be held without any interruption.

At P.K. Group of Hotels & Apartments, We have all IT Professional's & Fortune 500 Company Employees coming, So we have realized that Hi-Speed Internet is a need & necessity in today's world.