Pet Friendly Hotels

P.K. Group of Hotels & Apartments was created to the given modern state of art accommodation to our travelers since our inception. The times have changed, however, ideology has remained unchanged over the decades. We are still managed as a Family Business with our trainers being our guests. We have always been a customer-driven Hotel chain & still thrive to remain that way. Our Biggest satisfaction is customer-centric rather than revenues. 

We have seen that travelers these days have started traveling with there Pets like Cats & Dogs. We are one of the first Hotel Chains in India to have allowed Pets to stay with there guests in there Hotel rooms. We believe Pets are a great way to travel and are a part of the family so they should be allowed to stay in hotel rooms.  However Pre-Arrival Permission has to be taken for getting your Pets, But the same procedure takes only a few minutes.

All our properties at P.K. Group of Hotels & Apartments are proud to announce ourselves as a Pet-Friendly Hotel chain. Our guests constantly requested us, And so we have honored these requests.